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Phoenix Scottish Pipe Band
2002 Photos

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Uphill March Alternate Foot Wear Listening to the Overall Sound Finer Points of Tuning Playing in the Circle
Simon the piper Megan playing in the circle Nathan and his drum John 'Butch' Graves Ya gotta start 'em young!
If you're happy and you know it, bang a drum Please sir, may I have some more? Chef Tom can play a drum and cook Pipe Bands Rule! Highland (fun and) Games
Let me play some cool Scottish Jazz! A family that plays together stays together I can almost see over the drum! George has a protoge Kevin is ready for massed bands
  Phoenix Scottish brings some of the Highlands to Worldport in Glendale Here Come The Pipes! - Glendale Worldport 2002 Jim Little at the foreground of our drum corps